Week 1 – US Lifestyle & Customs

The Darn’ Paperwork

  1. Social Security Number (SSN) – You live and die by this number! You need it for everything from banking to employment to driver’s license. Don’t rely on the check in the box at your port of entry – visit the closest Social Security Office and make sure you get your SSN in a timely manner – trust me: YOU DO NEED IT ASAP – and not a couple of months down the road.
  2. Driver’s License
    Warning! If you have a license from your home country – it won’t be good to use after a grace period which can be different from State to State. Check with the local DMV what you need to do to be “street legal”.
  3. Green Card/other Visa Paperwork – The Do’s and Do not’s! Are you aware that it is your responsibility to inform the authorities of every change in address? What about taxes? Remember to file your tax returns every, single year!

History, Traditions, Customs

  1. Brief history lesson
  2. Major US holidays and their origins and traditions
  3. Other peculiar things and occurrences aka overcoming the Culture Shock

Managing Expectations/A Dose of Reality

  1. What is your expectation? What is your personal American Dream?
  2. A toolbox to achieve your dreams – welcome to the land of the impossible, the land of opportunity, ambitions and hard work!