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All of the information you need is listed below. Please complete each module in order for best results.

Week 1 US Lifestyle/Customs

All the little things that make you a successful immigrant or let you stick out like a sore thumb

What’s Included:

The Darn’ Paperwork

History, Traditions, Customs

Managing Expectations/A Dose of Reality

Week 2 Education

Education is one of the main stepping stones for everyone living in the United States. It begins with Early Childhood Education and is a never ending well of opportunities for any age. Compared to many other countries around the world, education after 12th

Grade is a personal choice and responsibility and subsequently paid out of your own pocket. Opportunities and choices are everywhere, but not every choice is a good choice especially when it is a financial burden in the long run. This course segment will shed light on these opportunities and responsibilities. It will also give you guidance on how to transfer your foreign education into the American education and employment world.

What’s Included:

Education PK-12

College / University

Transferring of international/foreign college degrees/certifications

ESL – English as a Second Language Programs

Week 3 Employment

All about employment.

What’s Included:

What do I need to find Employment in the United States?

How to find a Job? Long-Term commitment or “survival job”

Difference between a Long-Term Commitment and a “Survival Job”

Week 4 Finances/Wrap Up

Financial information.

What’s Included:

Your new best friend: FICO!

Bank Accounts

Identity Theft – Online and elsewhere!